“Leadership is the capacity to turn vision into reality” -Warren Bennis

What Do I Do?

After realizing my problem with everywhere I worked and a lot of relationships I had was that I was being directed to be someone I was not. If my ideas did not align to someone or management, they were useless. I was always told I live in a fantasy world, because I ‘dream” a lot. And many times I held back everything I felt in my heart I should do because I had that voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough, that I needed money to do all of that. I was always convincing myself everybody was right and I was wrong and that brought me to be depressed many times. Seeing other people partying, traveling, shopping every weekend. Meanwhile, I was a mom, I had bills to pay and priorities so I felt defeated.

And this became a roller coaster of one day being motivated, waking up with the purpose and in two days, three days that fire would be gone. One day I took matter into my own hands and was force to make a decision go back to being miserable or make my own path. So I opened my first business and surprise it was a SUCCESS. Now, as time kept passing by we went back to feeling that sense of it not being enough. And I was starting to losing all hope and really believing there was something seriously wrong with me. So I once again tried something new and I did a course on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and my whole world changed.

I became more aware of myself, my fears, what I thought were weaknesses realized were actually the things that always made me move forward through difficult times. And now made me set course to a new path, helping others do the same. You see I know what is like to have people put your dreams and aspirations down. I know what is like to try and compare yourself with other people and feeling like you are failing. I know what is like to have bills drowning you and nowhere to go. I know what is like to be a parent and trying to balance life out. I know what is like to think just when you take a step up the mountain slipping on a stone and falling 10 steps behind.

But helping people overcome this and find themselves, find their passion and go for it kept feeding a fire I always had but never understood until now. “If you never fail, you’ll never learn”. For a business to grow tall and steady, your mindset and energy need to be in the right place and that is what I will do for you.

Many people don’t realize the reasons their businesses don’t grow or they feel stuck in their life is because they are trapped in the presumptions of everyone else and are too scared to step out of it because it is an unknown territory. People are scare of what they can’t predict and that is what I’ll help you overcome. After this it is all a matter of setting up the proper business and marketing strategies to now take your business to point A to point Success.

“If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are now”