There is no Fast Track to Success

There is no Fast Track to Success

You don’t get to success using an elevator. You need to take the stairs! 

You see all these successful people on our timelines everyday, You follow them, You admire them, You are constantly wishing and saying “Goals”. But what are you actually doing to get to where they are? 

And I can guarantee right now many will say, “I have a degree, I have done this and that course, I have downloaded or signed up to all these Free webinars, masterclasses, etc”. But the truth is, You can buy all the courses in the world, you can download every free workbook or guide, you can do all the LIVE masterclasses in the face of the earth but if you do not put in the actual work, if you do not do your own research and hold yourself accountable you will not be successful. 

The most common misconception is that people assume someone became successful overnight. And that is not the case at all. Listen, I get it. I understand what is like feeling desperate or stuck, I understand the feeling of getting an idea and knowing you can make so much money out of it that you just want to get the ball rolling right away. But having an idea, a vision, a dream a goal is not enough. If you think to start a business all you need is a name, social media profiles and then poof money will start rolling in then in you for one hell of a wake-up call.

It took me years, YEARS of working for other companies and learning all types of marketing and sale strategies and helping hundreds of other business grow month after month it still took me 3 years to start my own business. After that it took me 4 months of making barely $300/mo in sales (handmade products) until I finally started getting my 4K and more months (revenue). 

It took me years of learning from others, years of research and online trainings, having to put everything in practice day after day, multiple trial and errors, play around with different strategies, multiple certifications In marketing, sales, psychology and sociology got me to this place. And I still continue to learn, connecting with people who are where I want to be, studying what successful people are doing and giving my own personal twist to it.

Thanks to this My second business came more naturally to me. Because I had so many people asking me how I did it and how to help them that I found myself helping them do the same with the same results I have gotten my clients in the past and myself and started offering Business Brand Strategy & Development.


But what does the path to success look like?

It looks like you will never reach your goal. It will look like giving up is the better option, but it is a much needed tough path. Success is a LONG way up, you can’t just take an elevator all the way up, You HAVE to take the stairs.

But why?, You need to lose your breath, you need to feel like you can’t go any further, you need to break down and stop to try and collect yourself. Sometimes you might give up and start back from the bottom but once you start the climb again you already know at what pace to go up, how much water to take, how much weight to carry and beyond all you learn how strong your mind and body is. You discover your weakness and strength, you realize that all that time at the gym or reading about how to climb a mountain or 500 steps in a day did NOT prepare you at all to the actual task.

You don’t become an expert at anything just by reading about it and taking a test once. You become an expert by constantly putting in the work. It’s like math, you don’t know what type of problems you will get on a test. And if you did not put in practice what you had learned you will not be able to solve the more complex problems.

Success is a long, rocky path to the top but when you reach that top you don’t only have a better appreciation of the view but you also gained valuable knowledge on your way up. And the best part is, that once you’re at the top, once you look back and see how far you made it, You will want to do it again and again. Something that I tell all my clients is:

“Everything looks scary and impossible from the bottom, during the journey you are practically convinced it is impossible and you can’t do it. But when you reach the top, you look down and realize everything is possible as long as you keep putting one feet in front of the other”


Now you may think what is wrong with wanting to get success overnight?, well there are two things that can happen if you get success “overnight”:

  1. It will go away as quickly

  2. You will get bored after a while

Here is why, anything can be gone in a blink of an eye. Even things you worked months or years for, the difference is when you take the stairs, when you prepare and take your time to learn and build. Even if you lose it all you can’t lose your knowledge and experience so you will be able to re-focus and get back up. 

You may also get bored, the reason is because many times people will start a business or follow a dream that may not be their true passion, that may just be a hobby or something that in their eyes will make them money faster. This is the case for a lot of people, you see when you are climbing the steps and learning, putting hard work and struggling you think multiple times to yourself “is this worth it? Is this what I really want?” And if you give up the answer is NO it is not what you want, but if the answer is YES then THAT is your passion and that is the fire that will make you wake up and put the work and BE successful. 

There are no shortcuts in life, you can’t skip ahead in time. A business is like building a house. It starts with a vision, then a blueprint, then the foundation, then comes the house and then the furniture. You can’t start a house the other way around. 


If you want to be successful then put the work, but not everybody need to go through years and years of discovering on how to get it right, that is where I come into play. I have been there I have faced possibly every other obstacle life can throw at you and I am sure I will face more. I have studied successful 7 figure business owners, I have been mentored by them. I have made my own business make 10K in a month and I have helped hundreds of business grow month after month and helped individuals discover and connect with their WHY and find their dream path in just ONE call.

So Let’s talk. Don’t be shy, we all need an outside perspective and someone that has done it before us to help us build the blueprint to start building the foundation. I had two myself and it changed my whole life and business. Now I am on the path of building my THIRD business while still running my first TWO! 

You don’t have to go on this journey alone, Contact me today to schedule a FREE 30 minute video call, Let me help you get from Point A to Point Success!

Business Spotlight - Monique Sar

Business Spotlight - Monique Sar