“We rise by lifting others” -Robert Ingersoll

Hi, I’m Jenesis!

Some call me a Dreamer, I call myself a Go-getter. I create a vision, make a goal, pursue it and then achieve it. Sounds nice and easy right? well it is not. I have failed again and again, I have made mistakes (I am not perfect). But what has made me succeed in every goal I have made for myself, is that I do not give up. Without failures you can’t learn.

You see there is no magic sauce, it is all about understanding your passion, your weakness and strengths and embracing them. To build a successful business it needs to start with you! I am here to help you connect with the fire that made you start in the first place. Help you re-discover your why and help build a strategy to transform your business into the business you dreamed of.


My why…

Being a mom didn’t slow me down, it gave me a purpose. I learned to have a voice and along the way of building and shaping a better version of myself I found my passion and became great at it.

let’s work together

First things first I won’t work for you, I work WITH you. Nobody knows your business better than yourself, so my job will be work with you identify the best strategy to help you and your business grow.

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“Thank you for becoming apart of my support system and showing me the way and how to make a plan. You are an awesome and no one better tell you different”.

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“At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they will ask how you did it”

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Did you know some palm trees need some additional help to ensure they grow straight and tall?. Most people also need some guidance to find their path in business. I am here to help you grow strong and tall!

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